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    So you've just joined Shadownode servers - welcome! You find a little slice of land, make a claim, make a dirt house, and are just getting settled when you get slapped with a ban - "Your skin is offensive, please change it." Oops! You forgot you had a trolling Hitler skin. You quickly change it, but you've lost valuable playin' time!

    Don't want that to happen to you? Just do one thing: Check your skin! If you haven't changed it in a while, just take a quick look at yourself using F5 while in-game to see if you're a-okay.

    Don't know what qualifies as bad? Here's a few no-no's:
    1. Anything relating to Nazis or Communists
    2. Nudity - visible genitals of any kind
    I've already been punished for having a bad skin - I changed it immediately, but I'm still banned. What do I do?!
    Don't panic. There are a few options:
    1. Make a post in the Ban Appeals section of Discord and tell us what the issue is! We will check your skin and remove the ban if the skin passes muster.
    2. Post in the Ban Appeals section of the forums - we do monitor them and will respond as soon as possible.
    Follow these tips, and you'll do just fine. We hope you enjoy your time on Shadownode!

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