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    NOTE: If the images appear to be extremely small, try logging into your forum account they should expand.

    Modded Chunk Loaders have been disabled on the ShadowNode servers globally, therefore we have added a plugin known as Better Chunk Loaders to achieve their purpose. There are two types of Chunk Loaders, Always Online and Online Only. Always Online means the chunk loader is online 24/7 and keeps the chunk loaded, however, the Chunk Loader will stop loading the chunk after 3 days of inactivity. Once the owner returns, it will continue to load the chunk. The Online Only chunk loader is a chunk loader that will only load when the owner is online. To view chunk boarders, hit f3+g.

    The most basic command in this plugin is /betterchunkloader or /bcl for short. This command will open an interface in the chat that the user may interact with. The interface will contain a list of active Chunk Loaders that you possess and some user-friendly icons. The interface looks like...

    How to Check Your Balance:
    To check the number of chunks you may use/have used, you may click the [Balance] icon. This will open an interface that looks like..
    The interface will state the number of both Always Online and Online Only chunks that have been used (currently active) and are available (may be used to create new chunk loaders).

    How to Create Chunk Loaders:
    From the main interface, you may click the [Create] icon to begin the process of creating a Chunk Loader. An interface will open that looks like...
    This interface will state the name of the Owner of the chunk loader then it will give you the chunk coordinates of the chunk you are in (this is different then the regular XYZ coordinates you see, the value this gives you- to understand how to understand chunk loader coordinates read the section below). To create an Always Online Chunk Loader, click the [Always On] icon. To create an Online Only Chunk Loader, click the [Online Only] icon. Clicking them will open similar interfaces so I will only explain this once. It will open an interface that looks like...
    This will restate your name, it will state the type of Chunk Loader you chose, and the coordinates of the chunk. It will also state your Available Balance. The [Radius #] icons will determine the size of the Chunk Loader. This will only show you what you are capable of creating, no more. You may hover over the icon to see how many chunk it will use up, it will look like...
    The way the radius works, is that it will be based on how many chunks it is away from the chunk you are standing in. After selecting the size, another interface will show up confirming your Chunk Loader. The interface will look like...
    This interface will restate your name, it will give you an ID for the chunk loader (it is not relevant to you) and it will also inform you if the Chunk is loaded or not. You may use the [Delete] icon to remove the loader and regain your chunks.

    How to View Active Chunk Loaders:
    Once you have Chunk Loaders active, running /bcl will contain some information on that Chunk Loader. It will look like...
    You may hover over the [Chunks] icon to view the coordinates, and you may click the [View] icon to check the statistics we saw previously.

    How to Read Chunk Coordinates:
    To view the Coordinates of the Chunk you are in, press f3. You will see the typical statistics of your game on there and it will look like...
    The value in the red box will show you the Chunk Coordinates you are in (the middle value is not relevant).

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