Wipes and Restarts

Servers restart every once in a while to reduce lag. This does not mean that a restart will fix all kinds of lag. So, please, do not ask staff to restart a server due to lag. Restarts are NOT wipes, they are just a scheduled reboot to the server.

Ground items are cleared every 20 minutes (XX:10, XX:30, XX:50). There is a 1 minute warning before a clear.


All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This is the same as GMT-5. Wipes will happen during the nightly restart. Restarts happen both in the AM and in the PM. The times might appear to be an hour off if you’re currently in Daylight Savings Time (DST).

Restart Times (EST)

1.19 and Vanilla Servers

Server NameRestart TimeRestart Time
Direwolf20 1.1912:30 AM/PM6:30 AM/PM
Techopolis 25:30 AM/PM11:30 AM/PM
Vanilla 1.19.212:00 AM/PM

1.18 Servers

Server NameRestart TimeRestart Time
Stoneblock 310:00 AM/PM4:00 AM/PM
All The Mods 7 Sky2:30 AM/PM8:30 AM/PM

1.16 Servers

Server NameRestart TimeRestart Time
Enigmatica 6: Expert1:30 AM/PM7:30 AM/PM

1.12 Servers

Server NameRestart TimeRestart TimeRestart Time
FTB Revelation12 AM8 AM4 PM
FTB Stoneblock 212 AM8 AM4 PM
MC Eternal2 AM10 AM6 PM
Project Ozone 33 AM11 AM7 PM
Skyfactory 43 AM11 AM7 PM


These wipes only happen on 1.12 and 1.16 servers.

World NameWipe DateWipe Date
The EndEvery RestartN/A
The Nether1428
Twilight Forest1428
Deep Dark28N/A
Mining World28N/A
Lost Cities28N/A
Hunting Dim28N/A

Compact Machines, Spectre, and the Void dimensions are not wiped. The overworld and space are only wiped if there are heavy lag issues that the staff team cannot fix.


Any items lost from these wipes will not get refunded as there are many warnings before the wipe occurs. Overworld wipes will remove everything, and the server will start over fresh.