Why Support Tickets

Support tickets are a great way to ensure that your issue gets properly tracked and handled by the right team. In order to get a support ticket created you will need a few things.

  1. Be in ShadowNode’s Discord Server.
  2. Have embeds enabled in Discord (this is on by default).
  3. Ability to talk / use our #tickets channel

Creating a ticket


In the examples below we’re looking at a locked ticket, however, it’ll work similarly for any other ticket.

  1. Click on the #tickets channel
  2. You will have an option to create a locked or standard ticket. Click locked for anything that is private. Basic Ticket
  3. Select the type of issue that your ticket is. Below I selected “None of the above” Ticket Type Ticket Type Part 2
  4. Select the server this matter is related to Ticket Server
  5. Enter your Minecraft username Enter Username
  6. Review the ticket preview and click confirm if it looks right or cancel if you’d like to start over. Confirm ticket
  7. Got to your ticket channel. It should look something like the below. Example Ticket
  8. Interact with the staff as needed to resolve your issue.