Rules and Policies

ShadowNode was created in 2014 by our owner ShadowKitten. Aiming to provide players with the best experience possible, ShadowNode is proud to host over 10 diverse servers!


These rules apply to our Discord, servers and all other services. By using our services, you are agreeing to follow these rules. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse. Staff are provided with a general guideline of punishments for each rule, however choosing a punishment is at their discretion. Please note that you may be in violation of rules not explicitly listed here if a staff member asks you to make a change.

Respect Staff and Staff Decisions

  • Do not in any way mock, abuse, argue with, or be disrespectful in general to any member of our staff. If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member or believe a punishment you received is unjust, please do not mock them or make a scene. Contact another member of the staff team to discuss the issue privately.

No Harassment, Flaming or Trolling

  • This includes repeated requests for something over DMs, frequent unwanted TPA requests, bullying someone in server chat or DMs, and any other kind of unwanted contact or abuse. We understand that friends may joke around with each other, but if a staff member asks you to stop, you should listen. Any joking around that includes cussing, vulgar sexual comments or hate speech will be punished as such.

No Foul Language, Hate Speech, Sexual Comments,Political/Religious Discussions, Drug Use Discussions

  • We want to provide a safe, positive and clean environment for everyone, so we have this rule to achieve that goal. Private conversations via whispers of this nature are allowed, provided one person is not harassing the other. Discussing ANY topic which talks about abusing drugs, whether they’re legal drugs or illegal drugs, is not allowed.

No Advertising, Spamming or Attention-Seeking

  • This includes advertising other servers or Discords, spamming random stuff in chat, or just general spamming to get attention for something, such as trying to sell something. Bear in mind, that asking for the same thing every few minutes DOES count as spamming.

No Excessive Mobs/Items Inside Mob Spawners/Overflowing Inventories

  • Spawners MUST auto-kill mobs as soon as they spawn. You are NOT allowed to have a spawner which requires a player to kill the mobs inside. Spawners and inventories must NOT clog with mobs or items. It is your responsibility to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

No Cheating, Hacking, Glitching, Duping

  • This includes using third-party programs, plugins and/or bugs to gain an unfair advantage in gameplay over other players. X-Ray bugs/resource packs are not allowed.
  • Optifine, BetterFPS and similar framerate-boosting mods ARE allowed, but may cause technical issues with your Minecraft client.

No Begging From Staff Members

Our staff members have access to Creative mode to deal with technical issues and discover bugs, not to give you free stuff. See the Refunds policy if you’ve lost something due to a glitch/bug

No Alt Accounts, Using Another User’s Account

  • Alt accounts, by definition, are other accounts that a player has access to. Alt accounts are often used to circumvent punishments that the staff have placed upon a different account. If you allow someone to use your account, and the account is banned, we will not lift the ban. You are responsible for your own account and anyone you let onto the account.

Don’t Minimod - Let Staff Do Their Jobs

  • Mini-modding is telling people what the rules are and what they should do without first consulting staff to see if it is okay to tell those people.
  • You may only teach other users about the rules if a staff member has explicitly given you permission to do so. If a user is asking about rules and no staff member is around to assist them, you may link them to this page.

Do Not Evade Our AFK Timer, Modifications or Limitations

  • Evading the AFK Timer includes, but is not limited to:

    • Any item, machine, third-party program, or building which would cause the AFK detection system to not kick you while you are away from your computer.
  • Evading Modifications/Limitations includes, but is not limited to:

    • Breaking blocks in areas you are not supposed to be able to modify, bypassing the profanity filter, and the use of banned items.
  • If you are a designated tester for the server, then this is allowed only while staff are present and watching

No Refunds of Items Lost, Unless the Loss of Items was Caused by a Proven Glitch with Our Services

  • We do not refund items lost to graves failing to spawn, clicking the Baubles menu with an item by accident, accidentally throwing an item in a Trash Can, or any similar issue. These are mod bugs and user error, neither of which we are responsible for. We do not refund items lost in unclaimed bases being raided or griefed. You are responsible for securing your own base. WE will use Prism to roll back/undo the damage, but that is all we will do. We do not refund easy-to-replace items such as sand, wood, dirt, Oak Fence, etc.
  • Staff will decide on a case-by-case basis if an item should be refunded.

Do Not World Auto-mine in the Overworld

  • We have mining worlds for a reason, so the terrain of the overworld doesn’t get scarred by constant mining with Quarries or other mass-mining devices. If a quarry or quarry-like device is found in the overworld, it will be broken by a staff member.

No Manual World Scarring of the Overworld

  • Manual world scarring is any kind of digging, mining or harvesting by manual methods out side of your claim. In general, manual methods are ok for minor gatherings, however, anything that causes excessive outward damage or pitfalls isn’t allowed. World Scarring isn’t pretty to look at nor is it always safe for players to be around. As a result we only allow overworld mining of where your base is and what you plan to use. For example you can clear out a forrest or desert if you plan to live there, but not for resources. If you wish to gather these resources please visit our mining worlds.

Use English Only in the Main Chat

  • This is purely to help the staff troubleshoot things and keep the chat clear of confusing messages. Talking in other langues via private messages is allowed.

No Griefing

  • Griefing means to change a building or area which you do not own or have permission to use. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Breaking blocks from other’s builds, placing unwanted blocks, stealing items or resources from others. This also applies to buildings and areas where the area is player owner, but it is not evident who exactly owned it.

No raiding or Stealing, Even if the Base is Unclaimed

  • Includes all resource types.
    • Mana, power and livestock are also considered resources.

Do Not Use Discord to Evade Punishments

  • If a staff member mutes/bans you, it’s for a reason. Don’t use our Discord services to bypass our punishment. Create a support ticket to appeal/discuss it.

Do Not Impersonate a Staff Member

  • Impersonation means pretending to be someone else. This includes changing your nickname to a staff member’s username/nickname or adding Staff/Admin/Etc to any part of your nickname or rank. This also applies to custom join/leave messages.

No One Chunk Bases / Stacked Farms / Excessive Vertical Building

  • One chunk bases create more server lag and disrupt all players. Make sure you spread your base out over several chunks. In general don’t build more than 1 or 2 layers vertically. Use F3+G to see chunk boundaries. This allows you to ensure your base isn’t in only a few chunks.

Don’t build laggy bases / setups.

  • There’s a lot of common causes of excessive server-side lag that you base can generate depending on how it’s setup. Typically, all inventories must have a void filter / void upgrade to void excess items so they don’t clog. In addition, looped pipes and full machines/inventories tend to cause a lot of extra cycles per tick. This means that it will generate a lot more server-side lag if you poorly optimize your builds.
  • The above is not an all encompassing list and you may be asked to make changes to better optimize your builds if it’s found to be poorly optimized for servers.

Some packs have server-specific rules.

  • Be sure to check out the servers spawn for pack specific rules.

Store Policies

These policies apply for all purchases to ShadowNode and services or goods provided by ShadowNode. Punishments may include forfeiting of product or perks without refund permanently or for a given time.

All Transactions are Final

  • This means that you will not get any refunds for purchases, regardless of the circumstances, as you should’ve read what you wil be getting in depth in the first place.

No Abuse of a Product or its Perks

  • If you abuse any store items/ranks/privileges you will be subject to punishment without refund.

No Chargebacks

  • Chargebacks are when a customer reverses a transaction which has already been processed, usually done when goods are defective and therefore return the goods with a refund. As we do not do refunds here due to the digital nature of the services we provide, any chargebacks aimed at our services will be treated as an effort to defraud us.

No Purchases from Unconfirmed or Unauthorized Accounts

  • Purchases from unconfirmed accounts are not allowed. If a purchase was made from an account you are not authorized to use, the owner may contact us by email at [email protected] to discuss refund. Once an account holder has contacted us and has been verified as the legitimate owner, we will terminate the account associated with the payment and they will be unable to access our services permanently.