Skyfactory 3


This list is current as of the time of writing this but might not always be up-to-date. Take advice here with that knoweldge.

Important Rules

Our Skyfactory 3 server follows all global rules that are appliciable to all of our other servers and has a couple additional rules. You can find our global rules on our wiki and at /spawn.

  • You can have a max of 4 of each chicken.
  • You NEED a vacuum hopper or item collector setup for chickens.
  • Do not build 1 chunk bases or farms. ShadowNode staff will take action as required. Staff response will depend on the situation.


There’s a good number of commands that you should be aware of for using this pack, espcially in group play and you can find them on our commands page under the Island/Cave section.

Getting Started


Creating or resetting an area will wipe your inventory and progress

If you’ve never played on ShadowNode’s Skyfactory 3 server, the way you get started is to run /area create. Make sure you read the rules in spawn first.


Some items are not possible to get via normal means you will need to trade to get them. You can do so by running the /trade command. It will open a UI with the possible trades on the server.