Project Ozone 3


This list is current as of the time of writing this but might not always be up-to-date. Take advice here with that knowledge.

Important Rules

Our Project Ozone 3 server has some additional rules on the server apart from the global rules you find on all our servers.

  • Up to 2 Imaginary Time Blocks per area
  • Up to 2 Growth Crystals per area
  • Up to 2 Fluid Cows of each type per area
  • Giving away creative or end game items is not allowed. This includes as a trade.
  • Mob grinders must have buffer chests.
  • No 1 chunk bases or farms. Island must be spread out.


There’s a good number of commands that you should be aware of for using this pack, especially in group play, and you can find them on our command page under the Island/Cave section.

Getting Started


Creating or resetting an area will wipe your inventory and progress.

If you’ve never played on ShadowNode’s Project Ozone 3 server, the way you get started is to run /area create. Make sure you read the rules in spawn first.

Common Issues

Unable to craft

This means your pack is currently not set to the right mode. You will need to enable Normal Mode to be able to play our pack. Once it’s enabled you will need to relaunch the Modpack.

To enable normal mode you will need to follow the following steps.

  1. With your pack not launched open your pack Modpack’s instance folder. You can find examples of this for your launcher under the launchers section of the wiki.
  2. Locate the packmode.cfg file. You will find it at PO3\config\packmode.cfg in your instance folder and open it with a text editor such as Notepad on Windows.
  3. Change S:packMode=kappa to S:packMode=normal and save the file. Please note that if you’ve played on a server other than ours your S:packmode= entry might be different.
  4. Launch the pack and play as normal.