ATM6 Sky


This page is current as of the time of writing this but might not always be up-to-date. Should you find it needs an update please either let us know on Discord or consider contributing to our wiki directly.

Important Rules

Our OceanBlock server follows all global rules that are applicable to all of our other servers. You can find our global rules on our wiki and at /spawn.

As an important note, do not build a 1 chunk bases or farms. ShadowNode staff will take action as required. Staff response will depend on the situation.

Getting Started


Creating or resetting an area will wipe your inventory and progress.

If you’ve never played on ShadowNode’s ATM6: Sky server, the way you get started is to run /area create. Make sure you read the rules in spawn first.

Common Issues

Unable to create nether portal

To create a nether portal you need a total of 18 obsidian and a flint and steel. You will place one down, use the flint and steel on the one placed Obsidian, and then it will create the portal from the Obsidian in your inventory.

  1. Place a single obsidian block. Nether Portal Start
  2. Light the block of obsidian with flint and steel. Make sure 17 Obsidian is still in your inventory.
  3. If you lit the block on fire with 17 Obsidian in your inventory you should now have a nether portal. Nether Portal Built