Managing Mods

Managing Your Mods


Removing and adding mods can cause pack instablity. Please consult your launcher’s documentation on backing up your instance prior to preforming any of the tips below.

Modded Minecraft is great and there’s tons of mods you likely have in your modpacks you play every day and are unaware of. In fact, there’s often a few bundled mods in packs that simply add bloat, don’t provide any functionality to the end user and in the end are simply unnecessary to play the pack.

Please note that we only recommend making changes using advanced launchers such as MultiMC or GDLauncher.

Suggested Changes

FTB Auxilium

All new FTB Packs seem to have this mod and we highly recommend you remove it because it sends computer and usage stats back to the FTB Team.


Currently, Minecraft is looking to migrate accounts from Mojang logins to Microsoft Accounts. This means that if you migrate your account this plugin will no longer work. Luckily there’s a new mod now called OAuth that you can use to retain the functionality of ReAuth if you choose to migrate early. Please note that we currently don’t recommend migrating as there may be issues with some packs. If you do choose to install OAuth you must disable ReAuth as a mod as they will conflict.