Managing Mods

Managing Your Mods


Removing and adding mods can cause pack instability. Please consult your launcher’s documentation on backing up your instance prior to preforming any of the tips below.

Modded Minecraft is great and there’s tons of mods you likely have in your modpacks you play every day and are unaware of. In fact, there’s often a few bundled mods in packs that simply add bloat, don’t provide any functionality to the end user and in the end are simply unnecessary to play the pack.

Please note that we only recommend making changes using advanced launchers such as MultiMC or GDLauncher.

Suggested Changes

FTB Auxilium

All new FTB Packs seem to have this mod and we highly recommend you remove it because it sends computer and usage stats back to the FTB Team.


As Minecraft accounts have migrated to Microsoft accounts, older versions of this mod don’t always work. If you’re having trouble with this mod, we recommend trying OAuth. If you do choose to install OAuth, you must disable ReAuth as a mod because they will conflict.


While a great idea that allows people who are in single player to talk to other players on other servers and environments, we have seen many issues with this mod with it causing everything from crashes to confusion when attempting to chat with others on our network. If you’re having any confusion or crashes on disconnects and AFK kicks we highly recommend disabling the MineTogether mod.